Ubiblue / Magnoric RAC Cooling Awards finalist

Magnoric is proud to announce our nomination as a finalist for the 2022 RAC Cooling Awards in the category of best refrigeration innovation of the year.

The RAC Cooling Awards is a prestigious ceremony held every year in London, promoting the greatest success and innovations of the refrigeration & AC industry. These awards were implemented almost 20 years ago and are now considered the most distinguished of their kind.

A selective process

The RAC Cooling Awards follow a very qualitative and elitist selection process. Magnoric was selected as a finalist through a long and arduous procedure with a mix of presentation, technology description and formal auditions with jury members. Our team, dedicated to this process, made the best efforts to highlight the potential of the technology, clarify its specificities and demonstrate its technical advantages:

• High energy efficiency

• No refrigerant gas

• Low noise, low pressure, low vibrations

“Magnoric & the magnetic cooling technology have the potential to disrupt the whole industry”

Magnoric disrupting developments in the cooling industry were acknowledged by the jury which recognized the potential to revolutionize the field by producing production equipment based on magnetic cooling technology and the magnetocaloric effect.

This candidacy highlighted the work done here at Magnoric: our technology is the result of more than 10 years of research and development made internally by our team. Based on these developments, Magnoric owns by far the largest patent portfolio for this application. Sounds interesting to you? Take a deeper dive and read more about our technology here.

Taking it to the next level

This recognition from the industry is a great source of motivation for our project. Following our second round of investment, Magnoric is now scaling-up and producing a high cooling power unit for the datacenter industry.

This technical milestone will be a fantastic achievement in the magnetic cooling community, proving once and for all the technical and commercial validity of this technology for the replacement of gas cooling compressors.

With this new product in our catalogue, Magnoric is confident in our chances to win an award in the next RAC Cooling Awards edition… See you next year!